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!/usr/bin/python import sys argvs = sys.argv if len(argvs) != 2: print ‘ usage: $python %s [filename]’ % argvs[0] sys.exit(1) line […]

In this article we will learn about some of the frequently asked CSS programming questions in technical like “css bottom” […]

Here is the alternative solution to a programming problem you’re searching about “pm2 adonisjs” Code Answer. Oh hey it looks […]

Welcome to my Weekly Digest #44 which is the first one of November. This weekly digest contains a lot of […]

# get it from itertools import product storage = dict(product(list_of_keys, [[]])) # use it for item in items: storage[get_item_type(item)].append(item)

Got a hash of values you want to convert into a url query string? Use the to_query method: “http://www.example.com?” + […]