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In this article we will learn about some of the frequently asked C# programming questions in technical like “c# switch case” Code Answer’s. This article will show you simple practices on dealing with performance problems, starting with when you need to deal with them at all. You will see techniques to detect if a problem exists, find the specific cause, and fix it. Below are some solution about “c# switch case” Code Answer’s.

c# switch

c# switch statement
1 string commandName = “start”; 2 ​ 3 switch (commandName) 4 { 5 case “start”: 6 Console.WriteLine(“Starting service…”); 7 StartService(); 8 break; 9 case “stop”: 10 Console.WriteLine(“Stopping service…”); 11 StopService(); 12 break; 13 default: 14 Console.WriteLine(String.Format(“Unknown command: {0}”, commandName)); 15 break; 16 }

c# switch case

c# select case

c# switch case with or condition

c# switch case

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