Welcome to my Weekly Digest #44 which is the first one of November. This weekly digest contains a lot of […]

Successive matches may fail if the same string is used. See http://jsbin.com/ixoqan/1/edit for an example.

Use Angular’s Controller As syntax Sure, when we first learn to use Controllers we start with the standard constructor with […]

s3foo is a command-line app, that pushes contents of the current folder to a s3 bucket and enables the bucket […]

fig usage and setting docker-osx install download virtaulbox and vargant. docker-osx docker-osx github project link https://github.com/noplay/docker-osx install fig follow steps […]

python 2 python -m SimpleHTTPServer python 3 python -m http.server %port% PHP php -S localhost:9009 npm npm install http-server http-server