In a terminal console, hit CTRL+R Begin typing to search Subsequent presses of CTRL+R will iterate through search results Hit […]

Use the `magit-completing-read-function’ variable to change the way magit handles completion: ; ido users (setq magit-completing-read-function ‘magit-ido-completing-read) ; iswitchb users […]

When building a set of interdependent shell scripts, it becomes necessary to use the equivalent of a C/C++ “include guard” […]

Windows logo key + R Administrative Tools Administrative Tools = control admintools Authorization Manager = azman.msc Component Services = dcomcnfg […]

This python script is really neat if you want some colors and exitcodes in your shell. You have to patch […]

Did you know you can create git aliases almost the same way as you would create your shell aliases? Global […]

Install sudo apt-get install xvfb. Then save folowing code in headless file, make it executable and put it on $PATH, […]

I generate ssh configuration for my vagrants using “vagrant ssh-config” but that’s not satisfactory because it uses weird private IP […]

This runs pngquant on all png files in the current directory and subdirectory and optimized them in place. fish: for […]

Starting from the tips shared on, I come up with the following bash git-add-symlink to create symlink in a […]