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I would like to know if it is possible to replicate a local MySQL database with the remote. I use PhpMyAdmin and I do not know if it will be possible because I do not have a fixed IP to find the other one.


asked by anonymous 06.07.2016 / 12:54

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Answer 1 :

It is possible, yes and very simple!

1) Since you do not have a fixed IP, go to the NO-IP site and register a dns host.

2) Download their program and leave it running on the machine where PHPMYADMIN is

3) Enter PHPMYADMIN with your username and password and go to the following options:

USER ACCOUNTS > Select the root account or the one you are using > EDIT PRIVILEGES > LOGIN INFORMATION > Change ‘HOST NAME’ which will be in LOCAL: localhost for ANY MACHINE:%

4) Execute and can access the database externally in a sql program (like navicat), using the no-ip host with port 3306 if there is no change, username, password!


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