Since the Magento REST API for applying websites to products is currently bugged, use this workaround: string websiteIds = @”{“”0″”:{“”website_id””:””3″”},””1″”:{“”website_id””:””4″”}}”;

Most tutorials online teaches you to add the NLog configuration using the “Project > Add > New Item” method and […]

Personally, I don’t enjoy this all that much: Enumerable.Range(0, GetTotalEmployees()), at least when compared to doing something more like this: […]

因為 UI 的流暢,所以在所有動作完成前 Finish Button 應該要被隱藏,不過 DevExpress 似乎沒提供,而找到的這篇 Disable Wizard Finish Button with code behind 提供的解法是 You can accomplish this […]

If you don’t like any of the plenty IoC out there you gonna love this fancy way to inject your […]

When getting started with ASP.NET MVC and/or the ASP.NET Web API, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how […]

First we create the SyndicationFeed object and read XML data from a feed at the address FeedUri: Dim SyndFeed As […]

先稍微記一下 UTF-8。 大於 ASCII 碼的,就會由上面的第一位元組的前幾位表示該 unicode 字元的長度,比如 110xxxxxx 前三位的二進位表示告訴我們這是個 2BYTE 的 UNICODE 字元;1110xxxx 是個三位的 UNICODE 字元,依此類推;xxx 的位置由字元編碼數的二進製表示的位填入。越靠右的 x 具有越少的特殊意義。只用最短的那個足夠表達一個字元編碼數的多位元組串。注意在多位元組串中,第一個位元組的開頭 “1” […]

Thoughts on being a programmer Don’t be an asshole. Simple code is hard to write. Exquisitely simple code is exquisitely […]

As noted in Routing Basics in ASP.NET MVC, routing in ASP.NET Web API is functionally very similar to the standard […]

Java 7 introduces an equivalent pattern to C#’s IDisposable pattern, AutoClosable, or try-with-resources. For example: try (BufferedReader br = new […]

An epic link, made of epic resources: via @david_bonilla on Twitter I really want to develop a game, but […]

Use CellEditorInitialize method. protected void GridView_CellEditorInitialize (object sender, ASPxGridViewEditorEventArgs e) { if (!GridView.IsNewRowEditing) { if (e.Column.FieldName == FIELD_NAME) { e.Editor.ReadOnly […]