working build: requires vc++ 2010 & 2012 redist x86

b9#9: Using Spotlight from the OS X Commandline Great article for using mdfind from the commandline rather than the […]

git diff –shortstat “@{1 day ago}” or git log –after=2013-06-30 –before=2013-07-1 –format=format: –shortstat master or git log –all –pretty=format:’%h %cd […]

Control + R Search in the commands history Control + A/E Move the cursor at end or beginning of the […]

This class is basically the manual installation instructions from for ubuntu 12.04 but puppetized. class logentries { $account_key = […]

This is no longer needed as the with_dict iterator is available in ansible core since version 1.5. I’d been stuck […]

Download and Install ( actual Version 1.0 ) from or Running it there should be an elephant […]

You need Homebrew, if you haven’t installed it, do it now! Install brew cask brew tap phinze/homebrew-cask brew install brew-cask […]

If we want access to remote system then we will use ssh. But what in case if we need run […]

This works in ubuntu sudo gedit /home/yourUser/.bashrc add at the end this alias alias sfcc=’php app/console cache:clear’ when you restar […]