Almost all the tips come from liguidweb. Add epel repo and update rpm -iUvh yum update If yum complains […]

If you use Linux or another UNIX-like operating system and find yourself forgetting exactly which $ prefixed command does what, […]

UPDATE : new post to replace the lost one from SeiiChi Yonezawa Some time ago, the octocats freed another […]

Ruby library for reflectively populating Java builders that conform to the standard pattern

git reflog It records your “moves” by logging HEAD changes. Very useful when you sometimes get lost after jumping through […]

I was playing with Flask and I wrote a simple parody: the Anti-Social Network. The Heroku platform is very flexible […]

What are LinuX Containers LXC (LinuX Containers) is light weight virtualisation system It is based on linux(kernal) and allows for […]