Imagine a scenario where you have rebased your branch and squashed them neatly into n commits or you have hastily […]

Instead of heading over to to check your bandwidth speed, why not quickly check it out right from the […]

Open all files that have a merge conflict on your editor. git diff –name-only –diff-filter=U | xargs $EDITOR

When working on a remote server, I use less instead of tail or vi to check files, the more I […]

Take this simple dumb bash script that just launches two sub-processes (one in background, the other waiting): #!/bin/bash sleep 40 […]

This defines a :Createtags command in vim: function! Ccreatetags() call system(“ctags –recurse=yes –languages=Ruby,C . `bundle list –paths`”) endfunction command Createtags […]

Years ago I surfed the web and put this little file together. Share with your nerds/nerdlings & enjoy. Source on […]

docker is not supported by mac, but it is possible to setup docker client in mac and execute all commands […]

Possibly one from the school of the bleeding obvious for some… If you don’t want to hold up your terminal […]