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i’m looking for a sollution to copy multiple files from different folders to 1 folder.

What I have is that I need to copy files from


copy to e:FolderBfiles

The problem is that the “Customers” everytime is different. Also FolderA is different. Only FolderB is the same.

I’ve tried it with robocopy or with copy. But I always have to fill in the Customers name.

Can some one help me?

So I tried it into powershell

and i came to

Copy-Item -Path C:customer -Recurse -filter *.xls -Destination e:folderB -Force

only with this i filter to files and all the folders al copied. And i only want the files in it.

You can use the FOR /D command to loop through the directories in a path:

FOR /D %%I IN (C:Customers*) DO (
REM %%I is "C:CustomersFolderA", etc.
    robocopy.exe /E "%%IFolderBfiles" "C:FolderBfiles"

Let’s assume the directory C:Customers contains:

  • A. Datum Corporation
  • AdventureWorks Cycles
  • Alpine Ski House
  • Awesome Computers
  • Baldwin Museum of Science
  • Blue Yonder Airlines

If we run this simple command script:

FOR /D %%I IN (C:Customers*) DO (
    ECHO %%I

We get this output:

C:CustomersA. Datum Corporation
C:CustomersAdventureWorks Cycles
C:CustomersAlpine Ski House
C:CustomersAwesome Computers
C:CustomersBaldwin Museum of Science
C:CustomersBlue Yonder Airlines

So taking that a step further, this command script:

FOR /D %%I IN (C:Customers*) DO (
    robocopy.exe /E "%%IFolderBfiles" "C:FolderBfiles"

Would run the following commands in sequence:

robocopy.exe /E "C:CustomersA. Datum Corporation" "C:FolderBfiles"
robocopy.exe /E "C:CustomersAdventureWorks Cycles" "C:FolderBfiles"
robocopy.exe /E "C:CustomersAlpine Ski House" "C:FolderBfiles"
robocopy.exe /E "C:CustomersAwesome Computers" "C:FolderBfiles"
robocopy.exe /E "C:CustomersBaldwin Museum of Science" "C:FolderBfiles"
robocopy.exe /E "C:CustomersBlue Yonder Airlines" "C:FolderBfiles"

The output, of course, would be the result of each robocopy command.

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