Does PHP support Bluetooth?

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Coding Problem :

If not, in general (web) does bluetooth support exist? Is there a way to make communication between PORT (Bluetooth) for web?


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Answer :

Answer 1 :

The Bluetooth control will only work on the server (on the server side), ie if the user accesses his computer he will only be able to send “commands”, but the machine that will be running this is the server. / p>

Note that if a user accesses Bluetooh, it will become busy and other users will not be able to access until the first one finishes the process.

Probably the link class used in this question should have the same goal.


  • Open the run or cmd
  • Type %SystemRoot%system32control.exe or open the control panel
  • Go to “Device Manager”
  • Search for “Bluetooth radios” (something similar)
  • Select the desired Bluetooth device with the right mouse button and go to properties
  • Click the Details tab, the name should appear, and then the port, for example Bluetooh (COM 17)
  • Linux

    In linux the device should be as /dev/rfcomm0


    The php script should look like this:

    include 'PhpSerial.php';
    $serial = new PhpSerial;
    $serial->deviceSet('/dev/rfcomm0'); # No windows deve ser deviceSet('COM17')

    Now if you want to send from the bluetooth of the visitor’s computer, you will need a technology like


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