Everything I can do in POO I can do in PE?

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Can I do everything or change anything? Do I have limits on structured programming that I do not have in OOP?


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Yes, any programming language can do everything . Now each paradigm has its way of organizing, so you can not always do it the same way. Moreover, with some languages and use of certain paradigms it is possible that specific tasks are easier to do in one paradigm than in another.

Contrary to popular belief, not everything looks better object-oriented.

I’d like to say there’s no dichotomy between object orientation and structured programming . Structured programming refers to the algorithm itself, and OOP does not. Actually what you should be calling structured is the imperative paradigm . The fact is that we program imperatively, and of course, structurally most of the time. In some aspects of the data structure and how to organize the parts of the algorithms, but not the algorithm itself, we do object-oriented. It amazes me how people want so much to do OO or say they do without even knowing what it means.

There is a structured and unstructured imperative. Today, practically only the structured one is used, unless it is using Assembly.

Even languages not created for object-oriented use can be programmed like this .

Particularly I think OOP in PHP makes little sense, but today almost everyone uses PHP where it should not. If it’s to do something like this and really like PHP, then go to Hack .


If you search it has a lot more related.


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