FTP gives an error 550 but file permissions are the same

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  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with updates.
  • Filezilla FTP Server 0.9.60 (for LAN use only)


  • Total Commander 10
  • WinSCP 5.17

I have two files in the same folder. I can overwrite one of them via FTP and the other one I can’t. I get error 550 “Could not open file for writing” in both clients.

I compared file permissions with icacls and they are exactly the same. The user on behalf of which Filezilla Server is running, has full rights to the folder and to both files.

I can rename the bad file via FTP client, but not overwrite it.

The problem is actually bigger than just one file, I have a lot of files on this server with the same problem.

What else should I check?

The problem turned out to be in the “read only” file attribute

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