Getting started with Yeoman

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If you need to go straight to a working example to start with, you’re in the right place.


node.js and git installed on your system

Time required:

no more than half an hour

Starting from here:

you need to clone the repo by doing:

git clone

then choose your favourite project between the three, for example:

cd backbone-localStorage-todos

and then run

npm install

this one installs needed packages by choosing them from package.json file located in current directory

and then run

bower install

same as above, by using bower.json

Since tests have a different bower configuration (for mocha and chai) file inside test folder, run these:

cd test
bower install

finally, run:

grunt server

and you will have a complete working server listening for changes. If you try to edit the ./styles/main.scss file, grunt automatically (through Grutfile.js) compile into corresponding css file and reload the page. Awesome.

Thanks to @addyosmani

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