How do I mirror a folder (copy only missing and changed files recursively) in windows?

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I’m trying to find a fast way to recursively update a folder and all subfolders from another folder. Obviously, a full delete and Xcopy would work but that is very slow.

After the update, the destination folder should exactly match the source folder. Changed files and new files should be copied.

If it makes it easier, don’t worry about deleting files that are in the destination folder but missing in the source folder.

This deploy/mirror/update operation seems pretty basic. Do I really need to write a C# script to accomplish it?

RoboCopy is a command line tool provided by Microsoft that can do mirroring. The Wiki page also mentions a GUI.

Total Commander has a synchronization function.

If you’re happy with doing it from the CLI, xcopy (built into WinXP) and robocopy (built into Vista/Win7) both do “only if newer” copies.

Given a folder “source” and “dest”, where you want “dest” to match “source”.

  1. xcopy /e /d source dest

Saw your comment “dont worry about deleting outdated files”.

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