How to run a PowerShell script from Cygwin SSH session?

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I have Windows Server 2003 with CopSSH installed on it ( Cygwin + sshd ). I would like to be able to run a PowerShell script via SSH session command and then use its output. Is there such a capability? How to do it?

Just invoke powershell with the relevant arguments and pipe it to wherever you want it? You need to make sure it’s in the PATH of course.

Barry Kelly is right.

You need to use my wrapper software that creates a hidden console and runs PowerShell on it.

My page is here:

Someone already found my wrapper software and created a tutorial here:

First thing it is good to add PowerShell’s executable path to user’s PATH environmental variable. We do it by adding to user’s .bashrc file line like:

export PATH=${PATH}:"/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0"

Then we can run PowerShell script just typing in our SSH session

powershell.exe -File "c:u.ps1"

Of course now we can pipe it to use it’s output.

I just wonder why I have to press “Enter” two times in my SSH session after typing the command for it to work.

Try it with no inputformat

powershell.exe -inputformat none -noprofile echo hello

Can be useful for not having to deliver a file to the local machine.

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