Is PHP considered open source?

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Is PHP considered open source? If so, are there repositories such as Chromium where we can see their “guts” and / or collaborate for their development?
If not, does it have any rights to CGI, C, C ++ languages? Since they were used for their creation until the present day.

I did some research but found only vague answers.


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Answer :

Answer 1 :

Yes it is open-source, but it is licensed under their own license The PHP License, version 3.01 , which implies in many issues that may be “legal”, including the use of the name “PHP” , I can not comment on these “legal” issues as I do not dominate the subject and they do not belong to the topic / scope of the site.

You can help improve PHP by following this:

And you can download the specific GITs through the addresses quoted in:

The PHP (interpreter) is divided into several parts for the development being the main this .

Most of PHP is written in , it’s you need to understand that this is the “interpreter”, ie it is a program that interprets scripts written in PHP, just as many programming languages are interpreted, they depend on a program that interprets them.


An example of a PHP fork is HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine), which is a virtual machine (similar to the Java virtual machine, which runs software written in the Java language and both use Jit – just-in-time compilation), however the HHVM is not quite a fork, it is almost a rewritten PHP interpreter to support their own language called hack , which is similar to the PHP language and also has compatibility with PHP.

Extra 2:

Just to include CGI is not a programming language, it’s a “port” that allows you to run interpreters or programs via HTTP servers, this must be one of the reasons for confusing Perl with CGI, some people say that they program in “cgi” when they actually program in Perl.

You can even create a compiled program that works with HTTP and configure it to run with CGI, of course the most common of these days is to use Fast-CGI, / p>

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