Make these 11 Projects (10 JS+1 React) to learn JavaScript and React

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Hey everyone ,

In this article, let us see what 11 Projects I have for you that you can build for learning both JavaScript and React.js

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Projects that you can build :

Project 1 : Creating a Modal

Project 2 : Creating a Tabs System

Project 3 : Creating a Range Slider

Project 4 : Creating a Slideshow

Project 5 : Creating a Salary Calculator

Project 6 : Creating a Scroll Indicator

Project 7 : Implementing Infinite Scroll Feature using Intersection Observer API.

Project 8 : Playing with Text

Project 9 : Creating a Custom Search Filter

Project 10: Creating a Sticky Navbar

To get a description of these projects, please check out this article :

Here is the video where you can together create these projects with me :

Once you are done building these 10 Projects, it’s time to learn React. I also have a video on same where we build an Exercise Planner application from scratch using React.js. There I explain all the concepts required to build that simple with thorough explanations.

React Project : Building an Exercise Planner Application using React.js, React Router and React Hooks.

Here is the video where you can together create these projects with me :

So this is it for this article. Thanks for reading.
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Looking to learn React.js with one Full Project, check this out :

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