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Server error with large posts – Problems with loading a website are often blamed on the Internet connection, but even the most perfectly set up network cannot help if there is no service to reply at your destination. One of the most popular HTTP servers used for this task is Apache2. Much of Apache’s popularity can be attributed to its easy installation and use, but never the less it is possible to run into problems with even the easiest of the software. If you’ve encountered an issue loading your web page, follow these simple troubleshooting methods outlined in this guide to attempt to get your web server back up and working again. Below are some tips in manage your apache2 server when you find problem about apache-2.2, mysql, database, timeout, drupal.

On a large drupal site, the database server is on a separate server connected directly to the web server. The web server uses apache and memcached. The problem is that whenever the post is a large, say larger than 10KB, the server does not return correctly. I checked both apache and mysql logs but could not find any trace of errors being logged. The error happens also when I use nginx/php5-fpm instead of apache.

Despite this, the large posts are registered, however incorrectly so that they show up for admin when I open a new page on the site. I’m really confused and appreciate your hints to pinpoint the possible sources if this chronic problem.

Sounds like a memory and/or resources problem.

No guarantee it will help, but I think it’s worth experimenting / checking:

  • Increase the php memory limits by editing the following lines in the php.ini file as:

    • max_execution_time = 30 –> 60 ;
    • memory_limit = 32 –> 128, or even 256M ;
  • Add the following lines to the end of .htaccess file:

    • php_value auto_append_file none
    • php_value memory_limit 128M

PS: is this Drupal version 7 (or still 6)?

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