parseInt(“23”) //=> 23 parseInt(“023”) //=> 19 (octal) Prevent this behavior using: parseInt(“023”, 10) //=> 23

Keep it simple. function test (name, fn) {; fn(function () { console.assert.apply(console, arguments); }); console.groupEnd(); } // Usage test(“My test”, […]

Basically, let’s say you have a bunch of Link headers in your response: Link: <>; rel=meta, <>; rel=acl All you […]

This tip is part of series I’m intending to write about interviewing Javascript Engineers. Unlike common Software Engineers, Javascript Engineers […]

jQuery Bookmarklets Go to the link above. Drag the link “jQuerify” to bookmarks bar. Click it when browsing non-jquery sites, […]

The operator in can be used to test whether an object has a certain property. For example: var chineseBox = […]

I’d like to share a simple construct that will make your code more concise and allow you to get rid […]

To combine multiple calls to one function into one call (after all others are finished), use setTimeout to break out […]