This jQuery script will validate your email forms for you. If emails are not valid, it will add text saying […]

var selected_airlines = [“UN”, “SU”] $(‘#journeys’).find(‘.js-flight-airline’).filter(‘[data-code=”‘+ selected_airlines.join(‘”],[data-code=”‘) +'”]’) // makes the following string for the filter: ‘[data-code=”UN”],[data-code=”SU”]’

I thought $(‘#target’).focus(); would work fine Turns out it doesn’t work, seems chrome fires the event too quickly. setTimeout(function(){$(‘#target’).focus();},0); Works […]

Need Bootstrap tabs, but with dynamic content? Use this JS to fetch the content before showing the tab. Works for […]

Sometimes we write strings of messages in our javascript code, which isn’t really the best practice and could prove an […]

Almost every retina script I found online resulted in the user downloading both an original image and a retina image. […]

Coding Problem : I’m starting to get into jQuery only as I need on my site that a person write […]

Input elements: .blur(function(){…}) is a shortcut to .bind(‘blur’, function(){…})

Breakdown of some issues with submenu flyouts. Jquery plugin for a classic submenu annoyance.

On IE the change event behaves in a diferent way. The event only gets fired when the input loses the […]