Short tutorial about setting up drone to test rails 4 app running on ruby 2.1. For us who working in […] A short description of important steps and an accompanying bash script that automates the process.

@insert_page = (id, content) -> page = $(“<article id=”+id+” data-role=’page’ data-url=”+id+” data-add-back-btn=’true’>” + content + “</article>”) page.appendTo(‘body’) $(‘a’ + ‘#’ […]

Sometimes bundle install takes a while to download, especially if you have low connection like me. And for me even […]

This defines a :Createtags command in vim: function! Ccreatetags() call system(“ctags –recurse=yes –languages=Ruby,C . `bundle list –paths`”) endfunction command Createtags […]

I was wondering if there were a way to make this controller code more readable: events_controller.rb do if @event.zip_cache_up_to_date? […]

If your models use Angular dependency magic, like: function HelloController($scope, $http) { // … } Don’t forget to add: config.assets.js_compressor […]

If you have rails server running locally and need to kill it fast, I use this function: stop() { kill […]

A BASH script to run arbitrary tests: Original blog post: [Update:] I have moved this to its own […]