I was good with ohmyzsh for a while (before i knew the power of the plugins), then bounced to bash […]

I’m currently working on my dotfiles and needed a way to find files with a *.zsh extension inside a folder. […]

Although a bit confusing at first it’s nice to be able to reuse many programmed in (mentally that is) keys. […]

I always used guake in all my Ubuntu instances, but last week I migrate to Mint. It was good time […]

Are you using bash? Yea, I used to also. Check out zsh (z shell) if you’re a programmer like me. […]

Here’s a simple zsh function that will open a Xcode project’s workspace. It will gracefully fall back to the project […]

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pbcopy is an awesome tool on Mac, but the actual program is not available on Ubuntu. The functionality can be […]

# ~/.bashrc alias rlw=”rlwrap -a dummy ” alias irb=”rlw irb” alias jsc=”rlw jsc” alias mongo=”rlw mongo” alias redis-cli=”rlw redis-cli” Read […]