Vim’s Command Line Mode

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Often it’s desirable to run a previous command line command. Executing q/ then /string <ENTER> will search through the command line history for string. <C-c> will then place that command in the command line window.

Alternatively, the command line history is browser via j/k. To insert a command, use <C-c>.

Other helpful basic navigation commands:

  • Simple editing

  • <C-b> takes the cursor the beginning of the line.

  • <C-e> takes the cursor the end of the line.Other help

  • <C-h> deletes the character in front of the cursor

  • <C-w> deletes the word in front of the cursor

  • <C-u> deletes all the characters between the cursor and beginning of the line.

  • Simple Yank/Paste

  • <C-r> " paste into the command line from the unnamed register

  • <C-r> / paste the previous search

  • <C-r> : paste the previous command

For more information, consult the [command line docs].(

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