What did we do before RoR?

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In what feels like a previous life, I used to design web sites with a set of HTML files. Each with it’s own div’s, head, footer, and so on. It didn’t take long for me to question my endless copy & pasting things like head’s and navbars, things that (theoretically) only needed to be established once. On top of that, I got frustrated trying to deal with page navigation on larger scale projects. The spider-web of “href”s quickly became confusing, and something as simple as changing a file name, could prove to be a serious pain. But with no alternative in sight, I continued on my path of darkness.

One day I was introduced to a tool. This tool was claiming to pull me out of my HTML nightmare, and I was extatic. It was none other that Ruby on Rails. For every major HTML complaint I had, Rails came back with a solution far surpassing anything I could have hoped for. Banal repetition? Check. Messy navigation? Check. Sleek database handeling? Check. That’s right, it was all there! So with its potential, accessibility, documentation, and a fairly mild learning curve, I became a believer.

Join the revolution. Ride the Rails.

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