Why You Should Use Typescript Over Javascript?

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What Typescript Actually Is?

Typescript is a strongly typed programming language like Java or C and typescript compiles into javascript so that we can use it in our browser or other platforms.

Reasons To Use Typescript Over Javascript

  1. Type Safety

    Typescript Typecheck
    When we do dynamic assigning in javascript it allows us to do that and also it will give us expected results. but if you are working on a large codebase you are not going to track each variable and ensure the types of each of them

  2. Better Auto-Complete

    Typescript provides a complete type system so that ide/text editors eg.vs code can give you better autocompletion on your whole project and increase your productivity.

  3. Conversion From Javascript To Typescript

    Every valid javascript is a valid typescript. so you can start by converting your file to typescript files and set the rules of typescript low and make it strict as time goes on

Where To Start

Tyescript Website And Doc
Freecodecamp Video For Typescript


Typescript is better tool to use when you are comfortable with javascript and need more control over your codebase and want to catch silly mistake on compile-time rather than runtime.

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