Windows Azure Caching Failure (ES0006)

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So this issue has been driving us nuts for almost 2 weeks, Azure updated its NuGet package for Caching, and anyone who recently updated it but still had projects running SDK 2.0 will most likely miss this highlighted section:


This is the error message we kept seeing repeatedly in the cloud as well as the emulator:

<ES0006>:There is a temporary failure. Please retry later. (One or more specified cache servers are unavailable, which could be caused by busy network or servers. For on-premises cache clusters, also verify the following conditions. Ensure that security permission has been granted for this client account, and check that the AppFabric Caching Service is allowed through the firewall on all cache hosts. Also the MaxBufferSize on the server must be greater than or equal to the serialized object size sent from the client.)

This fix? Simply update your azure SDK to >2.0

I hope this helps anyone having this same issue!

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