Windows Server 2019 won’t boot anymore after a restart

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I have a Windows Server 2019 on a cloud provider, using VMWare as Hypervisor.
Yesterday I’ve rebooted after it was begun to be slower. It hasn’t restarted anymore.

From the console of vmware I see the initial loading with the windows logo in the first 2~6 seconds, then black screen with the spinning icon, and it stays like this forever.

Sending CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing.
Remote Desktop and all other services (FTP, HTTP) doesn’t work at all.
I can ping the machine, so network is working.

Tried restarting several times but nothing change.

what can I do to restore this machine?

Windows update killed it probably, like it happens to W10.

To fix it the best way is to restore from a snapshot, if you have any.

If you do not have any snapshot, perhaps a restore point within it. For that, power it on/off 3 times so you get the safe mode start-up menu. Note that the restore modes of the 10-based Windows versions are entirely unreliable, so I’d go with snapshot restore if possible.

Also, you can try to enable low-res video or start in safe mode and restart then in normal mode using the same menu.

If none of the above work, hopefully you have it backed up somewhere.

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